How to Build a Strong Team Spirit

No man is a secluded island, especially in a business organisation. Everyone in the organisation should help each other sometime, either as part of the regular workflow or during the business emergencies. Whether it’s the CEO or the cleaning lady, every person in an organisation has to consider themselves as part of a team for a business to function smoothly. In this blog, we will discuss some basic tips to build and maintain the strong team spirit in the office.

Team Spirit

How to Get Everybody on Board

Teams are not born by themselves; rather they’re built. To build a competent and able team where everyone contributes to the overall team effort is a challenging task.

Start at the beginning

Hire people who fit into the organisation’s team culture. Use pre-employment assessments and interviews well to learn about an individual’s personality and traits. Look for the eagerness for cooperation and a readiness to listen to determine whether a candidate can work well in a team environment.

Let everyone know where you’re going

This means making team members part of the strategic planning process and assuring they understand the company aims. It’s essential that every team member believes in the plan.

Hold the team accountable for results

Establish clear team and personal expectations. Make sure each team member gets that it’s the result of the team’s work that adds to the goal. Base your reward system on your team’s ability to achieve its aims. Offer individual recognition based on the contribution to the team effort.

Keep communication lines open

Encourage honest and open communication amongst team members and management. Request for new ideas and suggestions from team members on ways to fully achieve the team’s ends.

Resolve team conflicts quickly

Work to correct performance, attitude or ethical dilemmas of team members when it is possible. If the person just doesn’t fit into the team pattern, replace him/her with one who does to defend the integrity of the team.

Keep morale high

Team members function best when their contributions to plan and the team are recognised. This, in turn, strengthens the team spirit among its members.

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