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HR Consultant

Whatever the extent of your business or your in-house HR department, no organisation has total expertise in every field, and that's where a professional HR consultant in Mumbai can be remarkably helpful. At Chase Xero, we have a long, prosperous history of partnering with businesses from diverse domains and sizes to deliver bespoke HR consulting that streamlines the overall productivity of their recruitment and core business processes. Our team of senior HR consultants in Mumbai has in-depth expertise in a broad range of fields, empowering them to collaborate with you and achieve high-quality results on any HR consultancy project.

HR Consultant in Mumbai

Being one of the leading HR consultants in Mumbai, Chase Xero provides a wide variety of HR consulting services for small- to mid-sized businesses. Our professional and diligent HR consultants can address your exact pain points and current challenges to fulfil your every unique need. Chase Xero' HR consultancy services are offered individually or as integrated packages to provide customers with the flexibility and core expertise whenever they need. Additionally, our top-notch HR consultancy services are personalised based on specific client requirements that are brilliantly designed to offer day-to-day productivity as well as a long-term strategic advantage through advanced HR management.

Audits and Assessments

Chase Xero believes in total transparency and we do it by providing a comprehensive glimpse into the core HR operations. It includes an in-depth review of policies, current practices and procedures, and assessment of compliance with relevant laws.

Classification and Compensation

Our HR consultants in Pune review company's current classification and compensation system. We also assess the current performance appraisal tool and offer our valuable recommendations to create a new one if required.

Staffing Analysis and Succession

We carry out comprehensive planning examination to evaluate an organisation’s existing structure and workforce to advice on short and long-term staffing requirements. Our expert team of HR consultants in Mumbai identifies the relationships between the offered services, the competencies required to complete the work, staffing projects and other recommendations.

On-demand Services

Our on-demand services on as-needed basis include managing policy and procedure improvement, collective contract analysis and enhancing negotiation capacity.

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