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International Recruitment

At Chase Xero, we strive to help employers find the best talent and match potential candidates with rewarding career opportunities, even if we have to go to great lengths to make it happen. And this is evident through our International Recruitment services.

We have operational set-up in both the UK and India which helps us bridge the gap between and connect the top talent with the best domestic and overseas IT employers. Under our International Recruitment services, we help skilled IT specialists in India find and successfully acquire the best employment opportunities in the UK and USA.

Operating in the HR industry for years now, we can confidently say that after Mr. Narendra Modi announced the launch of his pet project ‘Skill India Campaign’ the demand for Indian IT skilled specialists has skyrocketed among global recruiters. The Skill India program has truly given global recognition to skilled manpower in the country. Employers internationally are now actively seeking IT skilled candidates particularly from India, giving Indian skilled workforce preference over applicants from other countries.

At Chase Xero, we extend our international recruitment consultants in mumbai services to help talented and skilled IT skilled specialists from India fetch rewarding and prestigious IT positions at some of the leading IT companies globally.

From arranging business and employment visas to work permits, travel ticketing arrangements, medical check-ups, orientation programs and clearance from the respective Embassies, we assist our candidates with all of it. We provide you end-to-end international recruitment services to help you enjoy a stress-free experience which otherwise can be frustrating and overwhelming if it’s your first time.

It has also been seen that many potential candidates often fail to get recruited internationally because they don’t have the work permit or fail to clear international embassy requirements. But with us, you don’t have to worry about that, as our experienced experts provide you quality assistance and guidance every step of the recruitment process.

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