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Permanent Staffing Agency

Hiring permanent employees and assimilating them into your organisation is a crucial commitment. The permanent staffing agencies play a vital role in identifying the candidates with the right skillset and fulfilling the permanent staffing requirements of their client organisations.

Staffing Agency in Mumbai

Chase Xero is a leading staffing agency in Mumbai with the knowledge, experience, and connections required to find you the suitable candidates for your permanent hiring, regardless of industry. Being a premium-grade staffing agency in Mumbai, we maintain a personal network that spans through big corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises across the nation to fulfil the recruiting requirements. Our talent network, skill and years of extensive experience in targeted recruiting allows us to readily access to a broad pool of able and highly qualified candidates. Carrying unmatched expertise, our staffing agency in Pune, Chase Xero showcases proficiency in every aspect of the staffing process, from independent assessments to in-depth briefs.

The Assessment

Before we start carving the path for candidates to your company, we focus on learning everything we can about your business module, company and its unique culture to ensure turnover reduction and enhance production.

Customised Recruitment Plan

After gathering all the required details, we develop a tailored recruiting plan for your requirements. We tap into our extensive network of job seekers and talented candidates who are either looking for a job or interested in a better offer. We also employ our networks, strategic alliances, and contacts at public and professional enterprises to broaden our search.

Each candidate that walks through our doors goes through a vigorous assessment by our highly qualified staff. This assessment is comprehensive, where the candidates are carefully screened for their professional as well as personal skills. Our interviews are highly customised based on the initial evaluation of your company requirements and your work culture. Chase Xero also conducts a proper background check of each candidate to verify the work history of selected applicants and their professional references.

The Placement & Follow Up

Our staffing agency in Pune works as a total hiring partner with you through the complete process. We will also help you with the finalise the job offer, managing salary negotiations, and securing the offer letter from the candidate. We maintain an ongoing follow-up procedure where we collaborate with you and the candidate to assure that the onboarding process goes without a hitch.

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